Saturday, April 5, 2014

‘An Interview with Myself’

Monday, March 24, 2014

“What, if anything, gives you hope?”
Music. I have a deep emotional connection to music. I grew up around some of the best R&B and for me, it correlates back to my life events. When I listen to particular artists today it brings out hope in me. I’m able to remember. These memories propel me to move forward. I a way, I have learned to utilize my past – both the good and the bad – as stepping stones for my future.
The most powerful artists for me are:
Patty Labelle, Anita Baker, Bobby Caldwell, Sade, Deniece Williams, Peabo Bryson, Luther Vandross, Basia, Gato Barbieri, James Ingram

“When you laugh, what is usually the trigger?”
Myself. I have a tendency to laugh at myself more than anything else. I do my best not to take myself too seriously.

“What do yo fear the most in life?”
Personal Failure

“What, if anything, triggers hate in you?”
Ignorance I can deal with… but stupid people I cannot tolerate. (“Stupid is for forever”. -Todd Chrisley)

“What are your physical stats?”
This question always makes me feel a bit ‘Ok Cupid’, or something, but here they are

6 foot tall, 180 pounds, 48” chest, 32: wait, size 11 shoe

“What are your favorite clothing items?”

Grey fleece sweat pants, Tom Ford navy blue flat front slacks, Tom Ford white fitted button up shirt, Chocolate Todd’s loafers and white cotton boxers

“What are your favorite athletic teams?”

Football       San Francisco 49ers
Soccer         Brazil National
Baseball      Boston Red Sox
Rugby         Haly (yes, I love this sport!)
Hockey        Boston Bruins
“Do you believe in or practice an organized religion?”
Not particularly. I consider myself to be a very spiritual person. As I have matured, I have realized that organized religion left e with many unanswered questions. I am however, quite fond of our current Pope.

“Who would be your choice for guests at a dinner party?”
Since I was not given a specific amount of guests, I just went with it. Bear with me…

Audrey Hepburn
David Bowie
Rock Hudson
Harvey Milk
Geisha Cro-Ciosan
Christiano Ronaldo
Tom Ford
Gloria Steinem

“What would be your favorite choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert?”
Breakfast – Eggs Benedict
Lunch – Grilled shrimp, bacon, tomato sandwich on sourdough
Dinner – Sushi
Dessert – Tiramisu

“What are the first things you want to do when you released?”

Other than getting on the first flight out of Arizona that is destined for Boston, Mass, my “to do” list consist of the following:
  1. Walking barefoot in the grass
  2. Taking an actual bath
  3. Perusing the shopping market aisles (weird, but true)
  4. Sleeping in a real bed
  5. Wearing anything that is NOT orange

“What would be your first getaway destination?”
Snowboarding in New Hampshire or Vermont

“If you could choose any place in the world to live, where would it be?”
There is not just one place that I would choose. There are however, places that I would very much like to live if the opportunity presented itself.
Barcelona, Spain
Cologne, Germany
Florianopolis, Brazil
Boston, Massachusetts (done)
New York, NY

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