Sunday, April 27, 2014

‘Right for the Job’

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One of the men whom I correspond with via mail asked me to pick 5 careers that I thought I would be good at and explain why. I figured that it is actually a pretty good question and so, I decided to go ahead and post it here. Keep in mind that I am already set on a career at athletic trainer/nutritionist.

I have no idea where my interest in finances or the stock market emerged from. I am excellent with money and made really sound decisions when it came to my mother’s finances, investments etc. Those choices have become very lucrative for her and in this economy that says a great deal.  The Bloomberg Channel would be the equivalent of pornography to me. I understand the market and can feel the direction that it is headed. It is a shame that I am not eligible for my Series 7. If it wasn’t for my felony conviction, I would be doing this 100%.

I have always been interested in clothing: various designers and styles. My mother was very fashion forward and through her, I learned a lot. As I grew, I became the type of person that would rather save money for a particular item and have fewer items of a particular designer that a closet full of ‘off the rack’ clothing. Some might perceive this to be superficial, but it is who I am.
As far as interior design goes, I have always been very skilled at color choices, textures and applying that skill to people’s personalities.

Automobiles are a passion of mine. I am practically a walking encyclopedia when it comes to automobiles, their manufacturers, engines etc.

Home design is something that I really enjoy. The interest developed when we built our home together and I was able to see and understand the endless possibilities.
I can cook. My grandfather was a chef and I was the only person allowed in the kitchen when he was cooking. I learned how to take chances and create things. Visually it is art, but it is the production, the process that I love most.

You may be wondering how it was that I decided upon Professional Athletic Training. Before coming to prison, I worked for a dear friend who is a Plastic/reconstruction surgeon. I met many people who wanted different bodies, enhancements or reconstructions. At some point, I decided that I wanted pectoral implants. When I told my friend this, she said that I needed to hit the gym for 6 months. If, after that, I still wanted the implants – she would do them.
I took her advice and the results came quickly. I became interested in bio mechanics, anatomy, physiology and nutrition. The next step was learning the best ways to incorporate these things into my everyday lifestyle.

Prison, ironically, became a huge motivator for me to maintain and enhance my physical conditioning. In 2007, my mom met a trainer who was certified from the International Sports Science Association. She contacted the director and explained my situation. They agreed to allow me to do all the necessary professional training through correspondence. When that began, I knew that it was something that I really wanted to do. I have the knowledge, the social skills and I really do enjoy helping people to accomplish their goals!

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