Saturday, January 5, 2013

Connecting the dots; "I get random comments about the blog from random people."

Monday, December 24, 2012

I am not entirely sure why I have been procrastinating on this… Many people, including the department of corrections, have already connected the pieces of this blog puzzle. I know this because I get random comments about the blog from random people. Initially, I was trying to be somewhat anonymous because people I love, feared that there would be some serious retaliation from the prison toward me for blogging. As I have said before however, it is not my mission to slander the Department of Corrections. They have a job to do. End of story.
I have received mail from readers who have connected me to my profile on I realized that they can discover, clear as day, all of my information there. Really, there is no use in hiding it, so to any readers who would like to correspond with me directly, my information is as follows:

David R Mckinney
ASPC Lewis/Stiner 2B19
PO Box 3100
Buckeye, Arizona 85326

For anyone who does decide to write, please know that all I am allowed to receive in the mail are letters and photos. Okay? I welcome any and all correspondence!

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  1. American prisons may be different from Indian prisons. Go Ahead, my dear friend.