Tuesday, September 25, 2012

There are so many 'Sides'- Race in prison

Monday September 3, 2012

Labor Day. The only thing that means for the population here is that there is no mail. Mail of course, is the highlight of everyone’s day. Unfortunately, very few people actually receive anything. Still, they continue to hope that, come 4:00 PM, their respective bed locations will be called.

For me, it also means that I am off from work. That is both a positive and a negative. The positives are that I was able to sleep in, workout, call home and speak to my stepfather, Kevin. My mom was asleep, coming off the graveyard shift at the hospital. When I came back inside, I was able to take a leisurely shower and do all my “manscaping”. It was too crowded to take care of my more personal needs. Yes, there are times when a mechanical masturbatory session in the shower can be the highlight of one’s day. In here, we lose the majority of our inhibitions! Oh well. Let the world be aware.
On the negative side, it means that I am available for inmates to find. Over the years, we have all developed reputations that follow us. Some are instigators, gangsters, mafia, racist skin heads, losers, weirdoes, etc.. I happen to have become the ‘peace keeper’. I have solid friendships with people of every race here and so, when there are interracial problems (and believe me, there always are), I am the one people come running to. Its exhausting really.
In any case, as soon as the yard opened this morning, I was found. Apparently, a Brotha (Black inmate) was receiving a blow job by his ex girlfriend at visitation yesterday. A Raza (Mexican American) was next to him with his family and witnessed the act.  In a situation like this, fighting is the only option. A genuine apology will simply not suffice and so, they fought. Both participants are still here; walking, talking and breathing. That’s all I care about.
I want you to know that I am in no way an advocate for violence. I have realized however, that in here, fighting is the easiest way to communicate. This usually pertains to those who have a brain the size of a fruit fly. Interracial fights can be more dangerous though. People of another race may take the loss of a fight very personally and want vengeance. There are so many ‘sides’ here that it can be confusing.
The generic race breakdown is as follows:

Natives = Native American                        Gang: Separated by tribe

Brothas = Black                                            Gangs: West Side, South Side, Muslims, Crips, Bloods, Vice  Lords, Gangsta Disciples

Razas = Mexican Americans                      Gang: Stay together

Parsas = Mexican Nationals                      Gang: Border Bothers

Woods = Whites/Caucasions                    Gang: Skin Heads, Aryan Brothers

It is an extremely rare occurrence, that you will have everyone join forces together. Really rare.
Anyway, I happen to have friends in every category and that is also very rare. That in mind, I am used for my connections, and also, to keep peace, and open lines of communication. At this point the day is still young so I am hoping there are no more issues. Time to relax.

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