Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Good Awakening; "Straight or not, his simple gesture made me feel alive and desirable."

Friday, November 9, 2012

I woke up with a spectacular erection that I could not ignore. For those of you who know what I am talking about, then surely you will understand. It was borderline painful and would simply not go down. Since it was still dark inside, I made my way to the showers and realized that someone was in there ahead of me. I hung up my towel, dropped my shorts and made my way into the shower room.
I immediately realized that it was Eli who was showering. And he was also attending to his own “needs” this morning as well. Eli is about 30, Arabic and Spanish. I would place him physically in the “Adonis’ category, that is, until he opens his mouth; his IQ cannot be over 15. In any case, I chose a shower head down and across from him. I have studied his body before, for no other reason than to compare it to my own, so I simply turned away from him, faced the wall, and began the process of working myself to a release.

A couple of minutes passed and out of nowhere, Eli asked me to turn around - if I wasn’t “shy”. Instead of saying anything, I turned and faced him. No words were exchanged as we watched each other’s every move, until we both came.  Once we both finished, we turned back toward our respective walls and began to bath ourselves. We rinsed, dried ourselves off and then went back to our cubicles. It was a hot morning, all things considered, but as far as I know, Eli is completely straight. I am curious now though, as to what he got out of it. The odds are likely that the events of this morning will never be spoken of, or ever happen again, so I should probably not concern myself with it.
Straight or not, his simple gesture made me feel alive and desirable; two things that come rarely in this place.

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