Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Roomates from Hell; "Sometimes it’s intensely disturbing."

Friday, November 9, 2012

My “Run” is falling apart. I am at a loss here and can only hope some moves are done or that my ‘roommates’ make some serious fuckups and have to leave in some other way. As you enter my run, and begin looking down the length of the room, it is a bit daunting, but when you realize that most of them are nobodies, well then it becomes less and less intimidating.
Here are my roommates from hell:

·       Jimmy; White – gelatinous body, long scraggly hair and yellow teeth that remind me of Pennywise from the movie “IT”. He smokes spice all day and night and apparently has an allergy to bathing.

·       Hector; Paisa – The head if the Mexican Nationals, 2nd in command. He is clean and respectful, but a total puppet.

·       Derek; Black – A silver back of a black man. Reformed drug dealer and OG. He is quiet and an all around good guy.

·       BB; Mexican American – The tallest Mexican I have ever met at 6’4”. He is very nice; a big teddy bear and never causes any problems

·       Julio; Mexican American – 18 years old and my pseudo-adopted prison kid. He is a total mamma’s boy, clean, works out and listens.

·       Junior; Mexican American – An older crack head and obviously a vagrant outside of here. His jaw never stops moving…

·       Bones; Black – older and very disturbing. He has photos of his own daughter, who is a stripper, that he has put up on display. In the photos, his daughter is wearing thongs, and very little else. He doesn’t speak much, not that anyone really wants to speak with him.

·       Carlos; Cuban – Incredibly loud and crazy. He always has something to say

·       Bed 7 lower – Junior; Mexican American – Cool, calm and collected but he has a serious heroin addiction. Because of that, he has nothing to show for anything.

·       Derek; White – Spice and bath salts addict; usually running around like a crazy person

·       Thomas; White – In his 50’s, he is my unofficial housekeeper and I give him whatever it is that he needs to be ‘ok’, ie; coffee and tobacco

·       Diesel; Black – Crack head and loves to snort up psychotropic drugs like Buspar and Rispantol. He is incapable of holding a conversation.

·       Owen; Black - An amazingly good looking man, also gay but 100% in the closet but he has confided in me. I feel sorry for him because everything he does is in order to portray a level of “heteronis”

·       Tito; Mexican American – Heroin addict and lives with his head in the toilet vomiting profusely

·       Mario; Mexican American – Same as Guido, heroin addict

·       Dominic;  All I know is that he is a Paisa

·       Jorge’; Paisa – Terrified of everything and tends to sit on his bed and watch everything and everyone.

·       Brian; White – Homeless, no teeth and looks like a piece of leather. We have not spoken much

·       Vincent; White – Early 20’s with no support. He does my laundry every week and I in turn make sure he has what he needs

·       Lorenzo – Boxer; Mexican American – 26; fine as hell and from California. The man has serious hands.

·       Chico; Mexican American – Drug addict to the 10th power. He has no prejudice when it comes to getting fucked up.

·       Will; White – Looks like an Asian chipmunk. He is very quiet and stays up his perch for the most part.

·       Freddy; White – 26 his hobbies include sniffing rubber cement and inhaling whippets which are C02 canisters. His brain is really toast.

·       Jesus; Mexican American – a good friend of mine who makes so many bad decisions but I will always support him. He wants to be “somebody: so badly and I always ask him “what does it mean to be ‘somebody’ in prison?”

·       Blanko – Certified 51/50, which means that he is completely crazy. I do not know his name or anything besides the fact that he paces the run constantly.

·       Angelo; Paisa – A truly talented artist. He can create masterpieces on paper and on skin. His tattoo business is thriving.

·       Roman; Mexican American – So small that a gust of wind would blow him over. He keeps to himself and is waiting to be moved to a different yard.

·       Anthony; Paisa – My good friend who is also in a key position. He is intelligent, good natured and a peace keeper

·       Jose; Mexican American – Heroin addict who is on very thin ice. I think he is nearing the $2K mark in debt and this weekend will be the end all, be all. I suspect he will roll up out of here soon.

·       John; White – An incredible soul, a great trusted friend and another tragic statistic of incredibly bad circumstances

·       And me, of course
So that is the immediate population that I am around day to day. Quite the group eh? Sometimes it’s comical and sometimes it’s intensely disturbing. For now though, they are my roommates and I have to deal with them.

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