Thursday, November 22, 2012

Racial Tension and Self Reflection; "an all out battle broke out between the two races."

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Something wicked is brewing within our population. Last night, I had to go outside to talk with a few of the brothas about their dealings with a particular Mexican who has a penchant for compulsive lying and drug use. When I was done, I was walking across the yard and noticed the head Mexican national (Paisa) speaking to the head Mexican American in a raised voice. I could not make out all that was said, but as I called the house and said hello to Kevin, an all out battle broke out between the two races. About 60 people were involved and I had just enough time to tell Kevin what was going on, before I had to hang up the phone and get on the ground.
As I laid there in my good sweats and shoes, I looked around and surveyed the mess. Imagine a bunch of angry chimpanzees going at it and that would be the closest you can imagine to the scene. All of the brothas and the whites stayed away and were virtually unaffected by it. I tried to get comfortable because I knew I would likely be there on the ground for hours while the officers got everything under control.

New inmates who were around me were in shock and a bit terrified. It sadly, served up a reminder to me of my own institutionalization both mentally and emotionally, as I was completely fine. In fact, I was more upset that I was missing a new episode of Happy Endings.
About two hours later, officers finally got around to processing me. Basically they check our hands, knuckles, face and body to ensure that we were not involved. Then we submit to a full body scan in a chair and then released back to our respective dorms. The process works because they did get all the men involved, but it is incredibly time consuming.

As I entered my run, of course John was hysterical because he was unable to get to me, or know if I was okay. Mentally I understood his concern and appreciated it but, again, I have been there, done that. John, on the other hand, has been lucky and has never been involved in a riot or an extremely hostile situation yet.
I showered, washed my now dirty clothes, caught the end of the 10:00 o’clock news and then went to bed.

The yard is officially locked down because of the inter-racial tension but I was able to go to work. I have no idea if the issue between the two races is over. I have a feeling that it was initially a one on one disagreement that got way out of hand. Time will tell, but the administration is taking every precaution – which is completely understandable.


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