Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Pleasure of a Good Phone Call; "Phone calls are not cheap."

Monday, October 29, 2012

My day yesterday was spent watching football and calling friends on the phone. I spoke with Joe twice and could tell that he has a lot on his mind. It pains me that we will not have a lot of one-on-one time next weekend when he flies out. There will be too many people here at that visit and I will have to juggle the conversations accordingly.
I spoke with my friend Cliff, in DC and as always, it was bittersweet. Talking to him is like a breath of fresh air because I could easily see myself in a relationship with him. The man is funny, articulate, driven, caring, kind, adventurous and well, very handsome. He is however, in a relationship. I believe he may not be truly happy, but I choose to not say anything about that. I listen to him and try to be there for him as best as I can. Hopefully, I will see him sometime soon.

My attempts to call Marc in Annapolis failed. It was the biggest downer of the day because I was looking forward to speaking with him. I will try again sometime this week if I can fit it into my budget.
Phone calls are not cheap. I pay $10.00 for (1) 15 minute call to Joe in Boston. Thankfully, he pays for the calls but I call about two or three times a week, and it adds up quickly. When I call a local number, it is only $1.20 so there is a huge difference.

At the moment, I am completely broke so I will have to wait a week or two before putting money on my phone account. As it stands now, I will be over-drawn by $30.00 come Wednesday. Funny how those financial issues do not go away – even in prison. I do not complain though because Lord knows there are many people in much worse situations than I am. I will get paid my measly $26.00 on Friday and then only overdrawn by $4.00 then, so that is good. J I have already done my food shopping , stocked up on postage and with that, I should be okay.
The lights just came on and the dorm was placed on standby for breakfast. I need to shave and shower, so wish me a good day.

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