Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Debate; "Have you ever thought about explaining politics to a 5 year old?"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Four out of the six dorms remain under lockdown status due to a huge influx of assaults. Everyone of these incidents has involved the whites and it is difficult to get a feel for why this is happening. My opinion is that none of the assaults that have occurred were necessary but I have no say in the matter, Interestingly, none of the issues have been in my dorm which is the notoriously “bad” dorm. The word is that the dorms will remain on lockdown until tomorrow. Thankfully, we are still being run under normal operations so I am still able to go out and work out, use the phone and shop.
Yesterday I took it easy. I went and spent about $80.00 at the inmate store and that filled up my locker with food. I also picked up a bag of goodies that mom ordered me as well. Along with being able to shop in the store here, people from the outside are also allowed to order food and hygiene for us online. It’s called a Securepak. I also went to banking because mom had sent in $200.00 for me and I had to put some cash on my phone debit card. It is strange how some things in here are so similar to the outside. For inmates who are lucky enoughto take part in these things, it can give us a sense of normalcy.

I called mom twice and then talked to my friend Cliff in DC. All is well, so I was good.
Later in the evening, a good friend of mine, Terry, was moved over to my dorm. He was originally in Dorm 1 then he was moved to Dorm 4. Now he is here with me. This is where he wanted to be so all is cool. For whatever reason, I keep him out of trouble and trouble has a way of following Terry. He does follow with the Mexican Americans even though he is half black. Everyone accepts that we are close though and they are aware of the fact that he listens to me. I am glad that he is here too, because he needs to get his shit together. Sometimes he tries to be ‘in the nix’ too much. What I mean by this is that when something is going on, he wants to be involved. It makes him feel important or needed. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the knowledge of how to deal with that though, so it usually blows up in his face. I have known him for seven years now and when I tell him to sit down somewhere and mind his own business, he does. So all in all, this move into my dorm is probably the best thing for him.

Have you ever thought about explaining politics to a 5 year old? That is how I felt last night as I watched the 2nd Presidential debate. The majority of grown men in here have no idea how many cabinets there are, or what distinguishes the Democrats from the Republicans. When I listen to the things they say, it is very disturbing . Here are some of the comments that I overheard flowing through the air during last night’s debate:
·       ”Why do the rich people only have to pay 60% in taxes and not everyone else?”

·       “How can they lower taxes if Arizona just added 1% tax on everything?”

·       “Romney looks like he has dealt with a lot of money. He would probably doo good because America is the wealthiest country in the world.”

·       “I wonder what happens if everyone votes Democrat instead of Republican?”

·       “I thought Hillary Clinton was the Vice President.”

·       “When can Bill Clinton become President again?”
I am not certain if there is anything I can say to explain these comments and questions. Wow! I went to bed thinking that I live amongst people with brains the size of fruit flies.

This morning, I woke up around 5:00 AM. It is now 6:15 and I am watching ‘Despierta Americana’ on Omnivision. I watch a lot of television in Espanol. I watch this show in particular because of two reasons; 1. I have a hetero-crush on Chiquiguera and 2., they cover world news rather than focusing mostly on America itself. I have no agenda today besides doing some laundry and working out. Hopefully it will be an uneventful day. Only time will tell.

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