Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pen Pal update; "Writing letters to someone in prison falls pretty low on the priority list."

Friday, November 23, 2012

Things on the Pen Pal front have shifted dramatically. Almost everyone has fallen off the list, which is fine. I have actually gotten very accustomed to that over the years. There is no one to blame, or to fault. It happens and people have their own lives with so much going on, that writing letters to someone in prison falls pretty low on the priority list.
As things sit now, here are the Pen Pals;

James, who is a really great guy living in Phoenix has actually become a very good friend. Everything so far about him says that he is a sweet person with a great personality. I really enjoy corresponding with him.
John is a man in Arlington, MA that I have exchanged a few letters with. So far, he is very cool, with quite an interesting life. I am enjoying our letters as well.

On top of them, I have one person, Marquise, who I have gotten to know really well and I like very much. He is young, 21 in fact, but wise, driven and ambitious. Our letters are great and I love our phone calls as well. He is doing really well for himself. Though we met through Writeaprisoner I do not consider him in the Pen Pal category.
Last, there is Cliff who I have previously discussed, By far, he is my #1, as far as people whom I correspond with. Our friendship is great and our conversations on the phone are even better. Since we have been writing one another for years now, he is no longer in the Pen Pal category.

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