Saturday, January 5, 2013

That's what friends are for; "I held his hand because in truth, he is a big BABY."

Friday, December 21, 2012

So, I am at work and have to take some papers over to the administration building. John decides that he going to come with me. As we walk out to the back of the building though, he tries to pull the gate rather than push it and it railed him in the head. Now as hilarious as it was to watch, it also looked pretty brutal. He attempted to tough it out and walk it off, but soon I saw the trail of blood. I told him to tilt his head up and quicken his pace. We were only 30 feet from our destination.
As we entered administration, we encountered the investigative sergeant, a couple of investigative officers and the disciplinary sergeant. They all looked at me, and then at John and then back at me. Thankfully they all know me well and instead of immediately locking down the yard and handcuffing us (standard protocol), they laughed and asked John what he did to piss me off.

The movement officer called medical and advised them that we would be walking over so John could be seen.
John got 3 stitches and a tetanus shot. I held his hand because in truth, he is a big BABY. I was actually pretty funny. As we left medical and walked back to the office, I told John that he had better prepare for a lot of jokes. I love it when I’m right. All day long he has been getting razzed by everyone.

Besides the incident with John, it’s been an okay day. When we came back to the dorm, I worked out and took a shower. I cleaned and changed John’s bandage and made us some chicken and rice for dinner. I was spent and needed to sleep.

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