Saturday, October 13, 2012

Birthdays, are just "another day"

Sunday, September 30, 2012
My 32nd birthday is coming up on October 9th, Already, the birthday cards have begun to filter in and I am always appreciative when I receive mail at mail call. It really does make my day that much more tolerable.Before coming to prison, I used to have elaborate, outrageous birthdays. We would all go out. The best, most memorable birthday was my 6th. My mom was very good friends with a couple of players on the San Francisco NFL 49ers football team and she invited about half of the team to join us at Chucky Cheese to celebrate my birthday. That day will forever be engraved in my memory.  Throughout the years though, my birthday would always be marked by some crazy party or snowboarding trip.

When I arrived in prison, I pretty much stopped counting birthdays. This year however, I will try to be at peace. I will not have a visit because I would actually prefer the people I love, to be together for me and not spend it at a state prison in Arizona. Everyone who knows me intimately, knows of my love of music. That is my usual request and so now people have taken to just sending CDs at random through Thankfully, they know my taste! J

This past Tuesday, I received Flo Rida Flo Rida and Britney Spears Britney Spears along with some great blogging books from Joe. Mom sent me Tamia, Elle Varner apparently I have some more coming, but they will be a surprise. So come this Tuesday, October 9th, I will be listening to music and most likely, blogging to you.
I do suspect that my friend John is planning something as well. I do have to do some more investigating. Cooking is not one of John’s strong suits, so I hope it is not a meal.  He knows that I will eat it if he makes it though.

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