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Traitor; "homosexuals in prison, for whatever reason, take on a female persona.."

Thursday, October 4, 2012

I have continued to think about things that I have said with regard to other homosexuals in prison. Emotionally, I feel as if I have become a traitor to my own people and so, I feel as if it warrants some further explanation. First though, I need to paint a portrait of the homosexuals we are talking about.
The greater majority of male homosexuals in prison, for whatever reason, take on a female persona. They do not live as females on the street, and yet they do in prison. I have yet to figure out exactly why that is. I simply accept it. Over the years, I have known many in the prison system and they are all unique in their own way. The problem is that they totally become transfixed by penises.  I can’t honestly say I blame them. There are penises everywhere. We are naked so much that it is a very normal sight.

So the homosexuals who come to prison, and take on a female identity, usually choose to be called by a feminine ‘handle’ or name. I will give a brief rundown of the ones that matter. Mind you, some have become quite infamous along the way.
Dee is an overweight Native American whom I befriended in county Jail. We began our time together in maximum security and ironically, were transferred to a medium custody yard together. On the bus ride, we were shackled together. Dee explained to me that she was going to affiliate with the Mexican Americans, instead of the Native Americans because she liked Mexican men. I warned her that it would be risky, but she did it anyway.  We were only on the yard for four hours before she was assaulted by the Native Americans. I watched in horror, but was thankful that it wasn’t me. I know how badly that sounds, but again, one must survive.

Coco is a bi-racial man who had long hair, a gold tooth and wore clothing so tight, you would have an easier time putting toothpaste back into the tube. Coco was all about business, He had an actual menu for sexual favors:
Blow Job             4 honey buns
Hand Job            2 honey buns
Kissing                 Cup of coffee
Sex                       $10.00 of store credit

The most amazing part, was that Coco’s locker was always overflowing with food and he was always working.

Gigi was a frail, dark chocolate man with a lazy eye. Word on the yard was that Gigi gave the best blowjob in the state. The problem was, Gigi was a heroin addict and guys would have to pay him with drugs for his service, If Gigi was high before the oral sex began, you were taking a chance that he would nod off, or pass out during the process. It actually made many guys angry and they wanted their money back.
Vicki was a tall white man that had a penchant for black guys. In prison, having sex with a person of another race is strictly taboo. Vicki however, took every opportunity available. He would go into someone’s cell to “play a game of chess”. Funny thing was, the game was usually over in about 4 minutes. When Vicki would exit the cell, there would always be a huge, cheesy grin on his face. Vicki and I did not get along because he wanted to be called Jason, but the name Vicki had already stuck and I always called him that.
“Ms. Kay”, as I call her, is probably one of the most sought after homosexuals in the system. He is a beautiful man and an even more beautiful woman. He wore fitted clothes, make up and permed long hair. He also had an ass that spoke to the men. We are actually friends because Kay happens to know how to do time. He doesn’t sleep around, but rather, prefers to be in relationships. He can fight amazingly well and doesn’t play games.
Chris is a 52 year old ex drag queen from San Francisco. He and I became instant friends and have remained that way. He has been in prison for 23 years and knows everything there is to know about doing time. I have a tremendous amount of love for him and hope to see him again soon.

Certain homosexuals like Vicki, Coco and Gigi, cause huge amounts of drama on the yard and between the races. It is because of that, that inmates at the more aggressive yards in the state will not allow them to be housed there.  The yard that I am currently on, is one of those yards. The administration though, will try to house anyone here. (why wouldn’t they?) It is not their fault because everyone should be allowed to live here. It is our fault, the inmates. We are the ones telling them to leave and they cannot stay. It breaks my heart when I see this, because there was a time when I was being told to ‘leave’. (I will explain later, but it is true.)
There are exceptions. Certain homosexuals are allowed to stay if an inmate who has served over 10 consecutive years, or is an OG (old gangster) vouches for and takes responsibility for them. I have been on this yard for almost a year now and have yet to see someone stand up and vouch for a homosexual who was brought here.

Because of who I am, and the respect that I have earned, I can voucher, but I do not . And that makes me a ‘traitor’ in a way. (I could only imagine myself vouching for Chris or Kay should they show up. ) But again, I must survive here. If I vouch for one, and they cause a problem, then I am the one responsible. The end result, would not be good for me. Not good at all.

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