Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jan is coming to town!; "I can't wait!"

Friday, October 12, 2012

So my pseudo-aunt Jan is confirmed to come out the first weekend in November for our special food visit. I am very happy about that because I just need to put my arms around her. Throughout my life, she has played mom, friend, therapist and confidant. We have no secrets and she loves me for me, as I do her. I respect and love her more than I can explain and she always has the ability to somehow make things better. That said, I will be so glad to see her!
Joe will also be flying in for the food visit and this will be the first time that they will actually meet. I am curious to see how they get on with each other. They are such similar characters and that – can typically go either way. Their common link is of course, my mom and I, so the meet/greet will be very interesting. Regardless, for me, it will be wonderful to see all my favorite people sitting together at the table with me.

I can’t wait!

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