Monday, October 15, 2012

Boring Morning... "Take advantage of your freedom. Go do something!"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yeah! The weekend is here I am so glad that the week is over. Nothing particularly bad happened but I feel as if I have not stopped to breath. Come last night, I barely made it though Dateline, and that is on at 9:00 PM.
This morning I spent my time writing letters to friends. I also had to take care of John, who has an ingrown toenail. Despite the fact that I have some medical experience, he does not listen. In any case, I have him soaking his foot in salt water to loosen the skin and tissue. There is an average wait of 12- 20 days after putting in a request to be seen by medical.  It’s really astounding. By that time that guys who have MRSA or staph infections need IV antibiotics and are reeling with pain. Yes – staph is a very big problem in this prison as are insect bites that go untreated.

I have been lucky since I have been in prison and have not had an issue with infection. I did have my share of issues while being in country jail however. One night, I was bitten on my lip by a brown recluse spider. I killed the spider and kept it to show medical. Problem was I was not seen by medical for 4 days and by then, my upper lip had swollen to literally the size of a golf ball. Surgery was required to cut out the dead tissue. Thankfully, I have full lips and there is only a scar on the inside of my mouth. I can still feel that scar tissue though. As that entire process was underway, I distinctly remember my mom losing it behind the visitation glass. She was completely powerless to help and it killed her to look at me. I will always remember that visit.
Since coming to prison, I have become completely anal (no pun intended) about sanitizing things and my own personal hygiene. I wash my hands before and after I pee. I do not touch the walls in the shower. I sanitize the toilet seat and put down paper to sit on. My personal living area is cleaned every day…. well I actually have a housekeeper who constantly keeps it clean for me.

Before I go any further, I realize that the “housekeeper” concept may stump or shock you. Let me explain. A lot of guys here cannot have jobs and they have no family to help them financially.  Some of the trustworthy ones can do odd jobs for the inmates that have the means to pay them. For me, it works because my schedule is so incredibly busy. There is an older guy across the hall, Greg, who has nothing and he loves to smoke his cigarettes and drink his coffee. In return for cleaning my living space top-to-bottom 5 days a week, I buy him a bag of coffee and a pack of ciggies every week. There are also people who will do your laundry, but I prefer to wash my own clothes.
This afternoon, I will go outside to work out and call mom and Joe, They are set to have lunch with a friend of ours, Marco so they should be good. Beyond that, I have no real plans for the rest of the day. Most likely I will end up laying on my bed and listening to Sade’ and staring at the ceiling. Oh well.

Take advantage of your freedom. Go do something! J

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