Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekend Festivities

Friday, September 21, 2012
Okay, whenever I end up remaining in the dorm over the weekend I am coerced into cooking meals for everyone.  (Well, not everyone, but certainly the people in my close circle.) Normally I spend my weekends at visitation so I am away from the yard and my circle needs to fend for themselves. Typically that means they get into my locker and eat me out of house and home.

I am an excellent cook and attended Le Cordon Bleu cooking school before prison. There is no comparison, but over the years, I have really become quite the prison chef. The items available for us to purchase are an odd mix of items but I have a very good imagination and use it. Cooking is of course, a luxury because 90% of the population cannot afford to buy anything on the store list if they only make $.10 - $.15 cents an hour. The fact that I am able to spend $80. a week, is a luxury. Really, it is.
Since I have found out I will not be receiving a visit this weekend, my friend’s request have poured in. It is very comical. I have decided to make shredded beef and cheese enchiladas for dinner tomorrow. I will also make fried egg, ham and cheese bagel sandwiches for breakfast on Sunday morning. For dinner, I will make jerk pork pot pies and serve brownies for desert. (I will try to get an itemized list of store items that we can buy so you can see…)

The trick is taking items that are served to us in the mess hall and combining them with store items to complete a meal. For example, we will bring our fried eggs home tomorrow. The actual cooking process is dangerous. Once we completely prepare the meal cold, we wrap it in small plastic garbage bags. To heat it, we a large yellow industrial mop bucket halfway with water, then plug in a large electrical chord that has been ripped at the end and insert it into the water. This makes the water boil immediately. We then lower the food bags into the water and cover it with a towel. It is all very dangerous. Most items take about two hours to cook.
Pot pies are the most challenging. I moisten Saltine crackers and form them inside of plastic bowls, add filling, and then place the cracker mix on the top as well. I then wrap the entire bowl in plastic wrap and place the bowls into the water. They take 6-8 hours to brown, but they are surprisingly delicious.

Besides cooking all weekend, I will be able to call Joe tomorrow and talk to him for awhile. I may even receive some letters in the mail today or tomorrow that I can respond to.
The dorms that were involved in the assault, are still locked down.

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