Sunday, October 21, 2012

Discipline; "Within the course of 3 hours, we had 3 ambulances here."

Friday, October 12, 2012

I pretty much called it yesterday when I mentioned that every time I make plans to have a productive day, something happens.
Apparently there is a relatively new white guy over in dorm 5 who had something unacceptable in his prison history and the whites decided to assault him because of it. From what we could see, it was pretty bad. He was taken out by ambulance. Shortly thereafter, the whites realized that another white guy was also aware of the assaulted guy’s past and because he did not say anything about it, he was then assaulted as well.

Now, as that was taking place, the whites realized that one of the new guys in dorm 1, went and stored a lot of tobacco and food from other races, promising to pay it back in a week. Conveniently though, the guy goes home on Monday and he knew ahead of time that he would not be paying anyone back. Because of his deceit, he was also assaulted. Within the course of 3 hours, we had 3 ambulances here. It made for an action packed afternoon yesterday. The fallout of course, will be that all the white guys will be under a microscope for awhile and the “head” – or speaker of the race may be interviewed by administration. He may possibly be moved because of the influx of violence within that race. We will see what happens by the end of the day.
Discipline typically happens toward the end of every week. The reason for that is because the yard has completed all store shopping and bills (debts) need to be paid. When bills are not addressed, then discipline begins. Sometimes, if the person owed is kind, they will forgo the discipline and instead ‘tax’ the debt. It is all up to him. Usually, it is a continuous cycle of issues every week. It really can become a headache.

I ran a personal store for years and though it kept me afloat, it really was not worth the headaches at all. I ran my store as a (2-4-1) In example; I loan you two sausages and the following week, you give me 3 back, and so on.
At this point, I just find it fascinating to sit back and watch the guys who run store sweat because people give them the run around. One thing is for certain, if you ‘run store’, people need to either respect you or fear you in order for them to pay you back. If they do not, they will take advantage of you.

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