Saturday, October 13, 2012

Work "The goal is to keep guys here active."

Sunday, September 30, 2012

As I explained previously, I work as a clerk for the inmate counselor here. My boss has been reassigned to completely run and administer all programs, recreational events, restorative justice fundraisers and elective courses. This is both good and bad. The Good is that we can presumably implement some great programs and fundraisers. We get a much larger office and a more flexible schedule. The Bad is that my boss has never really operated these type of things. He is very capable, but I suspect that the responsibility will equate to more work than just simply handling a case load. Time will tell…
Thus far, we have put together a Restorative Justice Fundraiser that is going well. The premise is that inmates can purchase their personal blankets, sheets, towels etc. from Walmart. We mark everything up 100% and pay Walmart their bill. The remaining profit is then donated to various charities around the state. I believe we will be donating a check for around $1,500.oo, which is awesome.
Currently for recreation, we have basketball and volleyball tournaments beginning tomorrow night. The indoor tournaments will be Scrabble and Spades. It’s something for the older and disabled guys to participate in. As of tomorrow, I begin teaching a new Astanga yoga class which will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. We also have a runners club.
On the educational front, we offer classes in Creative Writing, Fine Art, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Cultural Diversity, Anger Management, and Cognitive Restructuring. We also provide a Re-Entry program which teaches guys such basics as opening a checking account or drafting up a resume’.  

The goal is to keep guys here active and somewhat busy. I hope that everything works out well though and will keep you posted, for sure. If any of you have ideas as far as various classes or programs that we could teach or provide, I absolutely welcome your input!
As things stand now, next month should be a piece of cake. My Boss is on vacation from October 11th through October 22nd and we are off on Columbus Day. That said, I will have ample time to write and communicate here. It will also give me time to catch up on my reading.


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